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to the starting lineup for the university of maryland. mary jordan will be in goal and we will go with britney and sarah mollison and courtney lubbe and johnson three pretty good players and defense karissa taylor and matt and emily szelest, she is a senior. also on the attack ali deluca coming up we'll see a lot of her number 10 from hillsboro new jersey. emily szel player to get open and run towards them. number 20 emma spiro got a pass from ali deluca, ali deluca ran across, she set up a clean and that whole lane was left wide only. she did a real nice job, beautiful shot. >> mary jordan. .. good play right there for emma spiro, penn strikes first and we'll see how they go a hey. maryland was down 8-4 and they have to come back and like you said it is very difficult to make it happen. here is the draw. the first one was won by maryland. the foul will be the maryland ball. it looks like repo suggestioned -- looks like it is repo suggestioned. >> then here after the draw it will be a maryland ball, here from the first half from philadelphia. >> they have been known to get very physical. maryl
. >> mike: we had a foul here so now maryland -- this is maryland's first free possession i believe in the 8- meter. working it in shot deflected and it was zoned that time, trying to put it on. actually, kristy black had the goal bust the end of the first half. >> jack: it looks like she got part of her stick in on that shot, nice job. >> mike: a shot in front and that's a goal, count it a goal for karri ellen johnson fuss in for maryland. >> jack: that was by brandi jones. it's good to see the players from where we are standing up high and it looks like brandi jones. karri ellen johnson has had a very good game. she has done it on the defensive end of the feel and she has been involved in a number of the goals tonight and doing it on the draw as well. >> mike: waiting for the score, it is the second goal of the night 33 first player to score as they had five different players score their first 5 and also an assist for the terrapins as they lead it 603 and had some separation -- 6-3 and again it is quick precise passes in front we have seen numerous times tonight and it's working out well f
tied it up before she could get that shot. >> mike: here it is maryland number 2, 11-0, it is a battle so far tied at two. >> jack: exactly what we expected. >> mike: glulia giordano her first goal to tie it up and that came after the push by maryland in the offensive end and i guess when you you are a team like pep and it start to get the defense a little bit frustrated. >> jack: it may be a little bit edgy and that's what penn wants to do frustrate maryland's defense in the 12-meter to get those quality shots and free positions. >> mike: we have karri ellen johnson once again in red and penn has now won the last two in a row and that's good as they maintain possession with a tie game at 2. >> jack: that went to the 20s yard line. i don't know if that was planned but again they came up with the last two loose balls in the drawer controls. >> mike: tough play on the sideline out of bounds. >> jack: we'll see a worker like that in the contest of the first season. >> mike: tied at 2. >> jack: it is a very important element of the game to clear it and getting it up to the middlefield. it
until 6:15 tonight. a tornado warning now, southern washington county, maryland. western fredrick county, maryland. northern jefferson county in west virginia, and southern berkley county in west virginia. take you to the live radar here, show you where we're talking about on the storms. notice in the upper right-hand corner of your screen here we're zooming in to the panhandle of west virginia. this is the cell that we're watching very, very carefully right in here. right here just up to the north sides of charles town, west virginia, when i put this little circle on here where you can see the red touching the green, that's where red winds are going towards and away touching one another. as a result this is the area right in here, just to the north of charles town, west virginia, where there is a potential radar-indicated tornado on the ground at this point in time. this storm is traveling to the northeast at 40 miles per hour. so i'll put a storm track on it for you here so you can sort of see the towns that are in the line of fire, as you were. as we go up to the northeast, at about 4
. when they could arrive in my sky watch forecast. >> maryland will always have the preakness here and nothing anybody can do to move it. >> preparing for preakness. the news today that means this race will stay in maryland. >>> hello. karen is off tonight. baltimore school administrators are deluged with questions about bullying at gilmore elementary school. our reports prompted the mayor and state toppled indicator now to demand answers. kathleen jones us streaming live from gilmore with response to the story we brought you first on fox. >>reporter: jeff, students here spent part of the week involved in anti-bullying sessions with counselors. they were mandatory for the students. still parents in this neighborhood would like to hear from the top city school administrator about the violence at this school. since the start of the year children at gilmore have faced 47 suspensions, 18 for physical attacks. 7 involving bullying. the mayor says the doctor has concerns about the climate at gilmore, the state toppled indicator has been in touch with dr. alonzo the ceo of the balti
. >>> from the city to the counties to your neighbor, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> deadly pursuit, suspected drug dealers speed away from police and crash into another car, killing an innocent man. >> reporter: tonight what police found in the suspect's vehicle and the ties not police department. >>> hello, everybody. >> reporter: here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> an innocent bystander becomes a victim of tonight's -- is a father of a police officer. where a second victim is being treated. kelly mcpherson speaks to witnesses. >> those witnesses were so upset to learn the circumstances that killed that man and put another woman in trauma. police believe it was all because drug dealers war trying to get away with heroin. >> i heard this loud boom and it shook my house. everything was totaled. >> reporter: a knocked over fire hydrant is all that is left between a crash and an elderly couple. >> he was trying to hold his head and his head was bleeding. i was telling him to hold on, help was coming. >> reporter: but that man died at th
to the accent or what? >> a controversial immigration bill could be coming to maryland. what it allowed police officers to do. >>> paying for police to rent luxury cars, just how much it's costing the city. >>> and a reality star in maryland. the good deed that joh that jonn says he is doing. >>> good morning. it is friday, april 30th. i'm patrice harris. we have a lot going on this morning. you know you're going to hear more about our be more healthy expo today, that is because it's happening tomorrow. of course, we want everybody to come out and be a part of that. we want you to get fit and active and have some fun along the way. megan gilliland is going to give you a preview of what is in store. of course, that is all morning and it is facebook feedback friday, because it's friday. we want to hear you sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. let us know what is on your mind and your response could air in our facebook feedback segment. the first two fox 45 fans to post the code word on our facebook wall will win a grand prize. just go to face baltimore to become a fan
life in maryland. we're live outside the state health department downtown. >> reporter: good morning. the health department is not releasing much information about this latest h1n1 swine flu victim. but we do know that he or she did not get the vaccine and that something state officials want to change. this is the 45th person to die from the h1n1 swine flu in the state of maryland. all state health officials are saying is that the adult lived in the baltimore area and died within the past week. we don't know the anal, medical history or gender of the victim. >> other than that, we are not reporting details in the interest of confidentiality. >> reporter: the death come as three southeastern states report that the virus is making a comeback. >> it is not unexpected that we will continue periodically to see the deaths. >> reporter: maryland's health department has launched an aggressive campaign warning marylanders about what something everybody knows, the virus is dangerous. >> you can avoid the h1n1 swine flu by washing your hands often, of course but getting vaccinate is the best pr
in late june. >>> and we're getting a new look at images of the university of maryland student beaten by prince george county police officers. this video was taken after the terps win over duke early last month. the video shows senior john mckenna getting beaten by three officers on knox road. mckenna and another students were originally charged with assaulting officers but those charges were dropped. new video surfaced launching more investigations. >> we don't have much faith in the system and we'll be filing a civil suit. >> our internal affairs unit is investigating this. they have officers down there right now that they're questioning. we're trying to determine all of the officers involved in this incident. >> prince george county police say they've suspended one officer from this incident on more could follow. >>> four baltimore firefighters responding to a hospital ended up in the hop before they made -- hospital before they made it to the scene. two fire trucks collided. those who heard the collision were stunned or worried about what would happen next. this isn't what you wou
you can expect from the airlines now. >> and a reality star in maryland tonight. the good deed that john gosselin said he is doing. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. more trouble at gilmore elementary. baltimore city school administrators say there have been 49 suspensions at the school. >> first on fox tonight. kathleen cairns reports, a former teacher said the bullying and violence was so bad that she quit. >> this teacher said she was prompted to quit because the violence is so out of control, and she said that it is ignored by administrators. allegations of bullying and violence at gilmore elementary first came to light when we aired the story of shanya boyd, a disabled student attacked by bullies. then other victims came forward. school officials say there has been 18 suspensions due to assaults at gilmore so far this year. tonight we speak with tammy mathews by phone because she lives out of state. quit her job in february because she said the administrat
opportunity for marylanders across our state to take full advantage of um, the ability to save money on these new super efficient energy star appliances, really become empowered with energies at home. drop the utility bills and be part of a fantastic initiative through governor martin o'malley's leadership. it's called the power of maryland. it's all about reducing energy use statewide, 15% by 2015. >> reporter: what do you say to consumers to get them to take a listen to this and come out and take advantage of it? >> now is the time to buy if it makes sense for you as a homeowner, as a family. if you have the old refrigerator that's been using way too much energy and it's time to replace it, now's a great time to take advantage of our maryland appliance rebate program through the state, also recognizing is this on top of what the utilities have already been doing in terms of appliance rebates. we're talking about $100 off super efficient entering star clothes washers, $50 off super efficient qualifying refrigerators. up to $300 off electric heat pump water heaters. on top of what's
begins today. he and the lieutenant governor are in south pointe announcing plans to move maryland forward. david collins is live with the latest. >> martin o'malley makes it official today, kicking off his campaign with several hundreds of supporters. this event will be followed with stops in other areas of the state. the governor is embarking on a three day tour of maryland after a three day to remake with bob ehrlich. montgomery county may be the rematch county, the greatest number of independents live there. martin o'malley is, of course, from montgomery county. you are looking at lt. gov. brown speaking at the moment. the theme is moving america forward. the tenure has been gripped by a national recession, and the college tuition freeze had to be list that -- lifted. he tells supporters that despite tough times he has been able to protect supporters with education at the top of the list. the governor pushed through a special session. bob ehrlich will likely say that this year's but balancing act is likely only to set the stage for another round of increases next year. we will
helicopter crash in maryland is suing the federal government for $50 million. the attorney says his wife and young daughter deserve restitution for the acts of air traffic controllers. >> a plane that took off crashed, killing two people yesterday in kentucky. the faa says the beechcraft is registered to island trading and was headed to mississippi. the victims' identities have not been released. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. a con el airlines flight was diverted after threatening messages were found on the bathroom marrow. -- continental airlines flight. there were nearly 50 people on board. everyone was questioned. there is no word on any arrests. >> many school systems around the country continue to look for new ways to stop bullying on campus, including here in baltimore city. lowell melser your is live at school board headquarters with one families troubling story on how their child try to escape the problem. >> school officials said that three students at deal more elementary school have been suspended in this case. this after the mother and 8- year-old gi
this evening. fire officials responded to maryland avenue around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. on the scene, they realized the flames would not be easy to get to. kim dacey is live and annapolis with the latest. >> we're standing in state circle. the fire is down the road on maryland avenue. maryland avenue is still partially blocked off with fire equipment. the blaze started around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. it went to four alarms. firefighters say that it is mostly because the fire was in the empty space between the two buildings on maryland avenue. the flames were between the walls of the smoke shop and a pet boutique. it took firefighters nearly an hour to put it out. because the fire was in the older buildings, the fire crews say battling the blaze was especially difficult. >> there are multiple challenges. people parking illegally makes it tough. the crowds of people were also an issue. >> investigators had not determined what caused the fire. luckily, no one was injured in a blaze. the red cross did come in to help five people who lived in the apartments above the businesses. they say
is attempting to push a law similar to the one in arizona through maryland spirited he plans to hold a conference -- news conference tomorrow. he joins us live from east baltimore with the details. >> this is the office of gas in maryland, an indication -- the office of castleman miller orland, an advocacy group. they contend this is misguided. >> patrick mcdonough is leading the charge against illegal immigration in maryland. yes introduced at least 11 reform bills over the years. -- he has introduced at least 11 reform bills over the years. the new bill would require police to raise the status of anyone who is a direct -- a threat. >> it is the same language. there are no changes. it is nonsense about racial profiling and all that stuff. basically, there is language in the law patterned after the federal law that says you cannot be gauged in racial profiling and you cannot -- you cannot engage in racial profiling and you cannot stop based on race. it has -- this is for a secondary cause for a stop. >> people are angry. people are outraged at what is going on in arizona right now. p
into somebody's house. >> this week, maryland senators passed a bill that would protect victims that use deadly force, to defend themselves. myranda stephens is live in north baltimore with more on what the proposed legislation would. do myranda? >> jennifer and jeff, under current maryland law, people that use deadly force, to defend themselves, against intrude trieders could go from being a victim to a defendant. but a new bill hopes to change that. the legislation said a person can use lethal force in an attack at their home or business, if the amount and nature of the force, is reasonable. dan hartman supports the measure. last year he shot an armed robber that held up his charles village computer store. the suspect survived but hartman said the next robber may not be so lucky. >> you should be able to protect your home, business, your life. and not fear prosecution civil or criminal. >> and the bill passed through the senate on monday. overwhelmingly by 45-2 vote. and it now goes to the house of delegates for consideration. we're live in north baltimore. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late
sheeting and newspaper. >>> battle over illegal immigration, at least one maryland delegate is trying to bring the fight here. the question is whether police in our state should be allowed to question people who they think might be in the country illegally which is essentially what police in arizona will be allowed to do. christian schaefer has that story tonight. >> reporter: pat mcdunn is is saying maryland should pass the exact same law as arizona and plans to find out what every candidate in office in our state this november thinks about the idea. it's drawn protests, criticism, and calls for its repeal, but state delegate pat mcdona says this is what maryland needs. >> when people come across the border. they're not going to arizona any more, they're coming here. >> reporter: arizona's law is merely a copy of federal immigration laws already on the books. >> they just got so frustrated down there with the idea that the federal government was not enforcing the law. so they said, okay, we'll take the same law, the federal law, and make it a state law, and we will enforce it. >> rep
to bring arizonas of crashing -- cracking down on immigration niger to maryland. the law will duplicate arizonas hotly debated law requiring officers to question anyone they suspect is in this country illegally. he says the state law is needed because the federal government is not doing its job. immigrant groups leader said the new law is discriminatory and will lead to racial profiling. >> a vote on the proposed beverage tax in baltimore city is now set for monday. one scheduled for this morning was postponed. jayne miller joi us live from city hall with more details. >> none of the proposed taxes being kicked around are generating so much pressure and so much debate. othis is lobbying. representatives of the beverage and retail industry doing the talking, city council members doing the listing. the topic is a 4 cent tax on some beverages, including bottle of soda and water, proposed by the mayor. >> i've probably talked to them at least through four times. >> enough to be convinced to forget the bottle tax and think of other ways to tax business. >> we could raise the energy tax highe
murder mystery, new clues in the death of a principal in maryland. why police believe they are looking for two suspects? >>> the vatican is paying the kwraouft university to take on a controversial type of stem research. >>> and i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete forecast, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 51 degrees with a few clouds in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. it is a modern day lassie store from alaska. you are watching a dash cam from a trooper of a dog that was leading the trooper to a house on fire. >>> montgomery county police say two people were involved in the killing of bryan bets. detectives have been looking for two people who were seen walking away from that vehicle. >>> millions of the dollars headed to maryland for stem cell research, but the money is coming from an unlikely source. the catholic church. >> reporter: no research on embrionic stem cells. but like the occasional mass in england in st. peters, exceptions can be made. in this case, adult stem cells. >> to get the stem cell from the int
order against him. the claim self-defense. university of maryland officials are wondering why surveillance video footage went missing and was not turned over to the case involving a student being beaten by prince george's county police. authorities say the video was shot by a student and showed a three officers in riot gear being a student. four officers have been suspended for the march beating of 21 year-old j. mckenna. the woman who helped start her one-year-old son under a religious cult leader has been given a suspended sentence. ria ramkissoon says she was following the orders of a cult leader queen antoinette. they were convicted of second- degree murder. >> our weather pattern is changing today. we do have some showers moving through. there is an area of low pressure to our south. we are seeing some widespread light showers across the central part of the state. the little pocket of heavier rainfall are around the district and also in southern maryland. most of this is light. 62 downtown, but only 56 at the airport. we will remain in the upper 50's at the airport becaus
believes maryland could benefit from an immigration law similar to the one signed in arizona lately. it would crack down on illegal immigrants. jennifer franciotti is live with more. >> at least one group estimates illegal immigration is costing taxpayers well over $1 billion in maryland. a state lawmaker wants to enact a law similar to the one in arizona. patrick mcdonough is leading the charge per he has introduced a dozen reform measures. now he is drafting another one similar to the one down in arizona. police would be allowed to make an arrest without a warrant. >> there is language patterned after the federal law that says you cannot engage in racial profiling. >> some believe the arizona bill is illegal. kraft people are outraged on what is going on in arizona and right now. they are fearful that basic civil rights will be violated. >> a group financed illegal immigrants cost taxpayers $1 billion in immigration and another $29 million for law enforcement. before mcdonough pre files his bill, he does plan to pull the legislators on where they stand on the issue. a spokesperson
into the gulf. >> this bill has already impacted maryland. we will have more on that angle of the story in just a moment. they are already seeing oil covered wildlife in louisiana. >> this afternoon the federal government approved a request from louisiana governor bobby jindal to employ -- deploy at least 10,000 national guard troops. oil continues to slowly creep into louisiana's wetlands. >> a total catastrophe. >> only this is a man-made disaster. rescue teams have already found animals that in that muck. >> the containment at the site has not been effective. the spill is still putting out 200,000 gallons of oil a day. it is a river into the gulf of mexico. >> it is pouring out of the crippled deepwater horizon 3. >> this is a new challenge. it is something we have never had of this magnitude before. >> for the first time today, coast guard officials are putting a timeline on when they might be allowed to control the flow of oil. >> we hope that within the next week that will be able to put a cap at the leak site so that we can take that oil up to the surface through a hose and have it put o
was missing and as we started poking around, the video turned up and we can tell you the maryland state police are going to be investigating the handling of this video by the university of maryland police. the university of maryland has a widespread system of security cameras. after the incident involving the beating of a student, lawyers for that student subpoenaed all of the videos from all of the cameras the night of the incident. that was march 3 and march 2, 2004. police handed over almost 60 hours of video and we were told last week that the university of maryland realized they were missing 90 minutes from the camera that was most important for the time period that was most important. the closest camera to when the beating took place. we found out this morning and when we started asking questions, we got a phone call from the police saying that the video has mysteriously turned up. lawyers representing the students say they have an awful lot of questions about this. the maryland state police say they will be investigating all of that. there is another interesting twist. the university of
across maryland. we had that frost early this morning, near record low temperatures. 34 at bwi then sunshine, midday helped warm us up some but that cool north wind kept working against us. take a look at our visible satellite imagery right now. we had pretty heavy cloud cover through the middle part of the day, then things clearing up this evening, pretty nicely actually. still breezy, gusting to 36 miles per hour at the top of the hour out at bwi so it's going to be a breezy, chilly kind of a night even though those skies are clearing off. down into the 50s and then quickly down into the 40s and then finally the 30s as our frost advisory kicks in overnight tonight. once again at about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. we will talk more about which counties have the greatest chance for that frost and then the dramatic turn for the better coming toward the end of the week. all straight ahead. rosie. >>> a paint factory worker in critical condition after a flash fire at the plant in williamsport. michael burton, jr. was flown to hopkins bayview burn center after suffering third degree b
marylander is dead after catching the h1n1 virus. the victim was an adult male in the baltimore metro area. but they aren't releasing information about that person. officials say this latest incidence serves as a reminder of the dangers of the virus, even as the flu season winds down. the state will hold 150 free vaccination clinics next week. for more information, log onto and click on health. >>> ken olman is in the hospital tonight. he suffered a massive nose bleed, sending his blood pressure plummeting. doctors say it was a severe posterior nasal hemorrhage. the bleeding is under control. but olman is at home. >>> help for children is on the way. baltimore congressman elijah cummings says that better dental care is on the way. in the meantime, they can call him. >> reporter: death by tooth decay. it's the story of 12-year-old diamante driver, whose mother could find no dentist to help him. >> the nurse called to say, he is not responding. you need to get up there. and by the time i got there, he was already gone. >> reporter: his death struck a cord with the university of maryl
in and some rain shortly behind that. we'll show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar coming up next. right now 5:34. let's check the mta with mark jones. >> good morning. dealing with the westbound delay on metro subway, presently 10 minutes late. light rail on schedule. marc showing no delays for the start. on the buses, heavy volume of passengers on the 19, 5 and 36 bus lines but no delays or major delays. (announcer) we send them off each day. our future leaders. explorers, great thinkers. they're the future of america, so let's bring them up right and give them our cheese. american cheese. kraft singles. put it in their lunch boxes. heck, put it right in their mouths. it's made with milk, never oil like some other slices. a country is only as good as its cheese. good thing ours doesn't have a bunch of holes in it. kraft singles - the american cheese. and you're still fighting to sleep in the middle of the night, why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, set
to centreville and tracking maryland roads, as well. here we go. check out 270 those are the sprinkles. we are seeing them on the cameras. doing fine construction free to the spur. to the maps we head, 95 and the bw parkway we are smooth sailing. green cars that means we are clean and green and at speed to the beltway and finally we want you to know about construction on kenilworth area it is where it meets the capital beltway. some bridge repair is going on. watch for road crews. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a group of prince georges county residents is upset that county police arrested a woman and then turned her over for possible deportation. the group staged a peaceful protest outside of the correctional center. the group is not happy the county entered in to such a collaborative arrangement with federal immigration officials. >>> later today jeffrey best, the fifth suspect in the deadly shooting on south capitol street is due in court. officers arrested the 21-year- old yesterday morning and charged him with five counts of murder. dc police have four other people behind bars with al
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. outbreaks are reported in several southern states including maryland. megan gilliland is live from the state department of health to let us know how widespread the virus is here in our region. good morning, me megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, here in baltimore there's been a small surge in the number of cases, fortunately this time around, the 3rd time around, there's still vaccines available if still need one. since the original outbreak last april the h1n1 virus infected 60 million americans killing 12,000. now cdc officials worry about a 3rd outbreak. it appears to be hitting the southeastern states the hardest at this point. that is the same area of the country where the last outbreak started leaving maryland state officials watching these numbers very closely. >>> in the state of maryland there still is indeed h1n1 activity. we have been seeing in the last two weeks anecdotally because they haven't been cultured, we have noticed there's been an up tick in some reports. >> reporter: baltimore city has 10,000 doses of the vaccine to give away right now. for more information on
>>> an un armed university of maryland student beaten allegedly at the happened of three prince georges county police officers. now at least one pg county officer has been suspended and internal investigation is underway to find out who else is to blame. >>> i'm kelly swoope. brian kuebler breaks down the video for us and explain what is comes next in this investigation. >> reporter: it is just after the march 3rd victory of maryland over duke. this knocks road, the student you see skipping down the sidewalk is senior john mc kenna. he stops when he sees the police and backs away. then suddenly two officers charge from around the horse and throw him up against the wall. then a third rushes in. you can see and hear the officers beating him as he lies in the fetal position on the ground. here it is from another angle. this is a cell phone video and the quality is not nearly as good but listen to the reaction as he meets up with police. >> momentary pause and the police jump him. they don't give him directions, no orders, he doesn't say a word to them. >> reporter: christopher is r
. >> immigration frustration. why a maryland woman could be deported over a $2 item. >> you have less oversight and less regulation as you all begin this wild wild west. >> goldman sachs on the hot seat. how the company took a grilling in congress. >> and i am happy. >> very happy ending, where and when this dog was found. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. a baltimore school police officer that chased gang members out of a gym, could be fired even though he stopped a confrontation. >> keith daniels standing by live at school headquarters where a hearing will decide his fate. what can you tell us. >> the officer's name is clyde boat writing. seven year police veteran and outspoken union representative. and tonight he believes that has made him a target. at issue, boatwright second job as a coach at carver high school, discovery made after an internal affairs investigation into allegations that he was not properly cleared for secondary employment. at a hearing last week, boatwri
with attempt to maim. both of which are felonies in the state of maryland. >> so far we suspended one officer involved and we expect additional suspensions. >> reporter: prince george's county police have a lot to sift through on their own end. there are this apparent beating but a police report that may have been fabry kateed. he was charged with disorderly conduct and assault saying he struck the officer's and their horses causing minor injuries and that he was kicked by horse causing his injuries. the video seems to prove that report false. photos of injuries sustained don't help either. the attorney for him and another student allegedly beaten that night says it was all a mean to what may turn out to be a criminal end. >> the report was prepared clear all to cover up the officer's misconduct. there is not a shred of truth to the allegations in the report, which is incidentally a report prepared under the penalties of perjury. >> reporter: all part of the upcoming civil suit. criminal charges could go beyond administrative action and state and all the way up to a federal offense. in baltim
franciotti is live on federal hill with that story. >> his campaign pitch was moving maryland forward. he was surrounded by a well- known names in maryland's democratic party, including barbara mikulski. he used the opportunity to tout his record, citing business tax credits and cleaning up the chesapeake bay. he came back to the refrain of in maryland, we move forward. >> that is what this battle is all about. this battle is not about the next election. it is about the next generation. >> bob ehrlich has announced his plan to run for reelection. he said, i look for a vigorous exchange of ideas with the governor to fix the budget in annapolis. governor o'malley is expected to make several campaign stops today. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. you can see more of the o'malley rally by visiting our web site, >> one man had to be rushed to the hospital after his suv crashed. this moment was caught around 5:30 last night. the truck was on its way to a call when the suv struck its side. his condition is not known. no one on board the fire truck was hurt. they're
, pass in maryland? that's the hope of one state delegate, as he prepares legislation to target illegal immigrants. mary bubala has more on the proposal and angry reaction to it. >> reporter: that is the hope of one state delegate, as he prepares legislation to target illegal immigrants. >> reporter: one week ago, arizona governor jan brewer signed a bill into law, requiring police to question individuals if there is reasonable suspicion they're in the country illegally. it is a law maryland delegate, pat mcdonogh, wants passed in maryland. >> if you're driving down the street and your tail light is out, and they approach you, they have the right to ask you if you have a driver's license, naturally. now, if they feel that there's something there, and it doesn't have to be race, it could be almost anything. then they have guidelines that they're going to use. they can ask you if you're in this country legally. >> reporter: mcdonogh is drafting legislation to introduce in the 2011 maryland general assembly session in annapolis. >> reporter: delegate mcdonogh says he will survey in the fal
>>> not yet, hold on, don't rush us. good morning. >> good morning, maryland. 9:00. nice start to the day. why we're going to start over again. miss maryland is here. she'll be the spokesperson for pathfinders for autism. they are coming up on their 10th anniversary. we're going to talk to miss maryland about it. >>> ever watch "deadliest catch" >> no. >> it's drama. we're not talking about going to the severn and pulling in crabs. we'll talk about the sixth season. >> and we're going to talk about pick up america. a group is here, walking and cleaning up from maryland all the way to san francisco, california. keeping our waterways and highways clean. that's good stuff because we need clean waterways. >> can you do the back of my car? >> so, they have a lot of good information to tell us. we also have a great segment, girls getaways. i was looking at some of these. they are talking about the eastern shore and hyatt. i'm thinking about a girls getaway for myself. >> weekend getaway? >> yes. >> good deal. megan is away. she's getting weighed in now. at brick dies. she'll have th
avenue at upton street northwest and the hampton park post office in capital heights, maryland open until 8:00. the one in maryland is 9201 edgeworth drive. >>> tax day comes as more americans are losing their homes. in the first three months of the year, foreclosures jumped 35% over a year ago. it's the biggest jump in five years. >>> top economists admit while certain parts of our economy are turning around, the nationwide housing market isn't. our area hasn't been hit 250 hard but the picture is bleak elsewhere. the white house is pushing banks to forgive some homeowners their payments. bank ceos say that is not fair to people who pay on time. >> they have been able to address the needs of borrowers on a case-by-case basis tayloring to unique needs. >> now to a murder mystery in charles county, maryland. investigators found a man fatally wounded after someone called 911 reporting shots fired. county sheriffs deputies found the man just before 5:00 last night along a secluded road in charlotte hall. medics rushed the victim to the hospital. his killer is still on the loose this morning.
makes this law school better than law school. and they started in maryland where thurgood marshall was born and were thurgood marshall wanted to attend law school, but could not. he exacted not apply to university of merlot school because the university of maryland law school did not accept black students. now that he was an attorney for the naacp and working with charlie houston, mr. marshall said we will see about that. they filed suit on behalf of donald murray, a young student, and amherst grad and design of a prominent baltimore family. they filed suit against the university of maryland and the case was being seen by blackmailers and white noticed that no one showed up to watch the case, no one except thurgood marshall's father, willie, would've been there if it had been a hit and run trial. the our unit was simple. the university of maryland is obligated under plessy v. ferguson to provide separate but equal law school. maryland provide the university of maryland for its white students, maryland provide no law school for its black student. they don't have one. so until maryla
of the cases are h1n1. >> and it is the same area of the u.s., where the last outbreak started. maryland is not on the map yet. but as kathleen cairns reports, state officials are watching closely the numbers. >> a busy wednesday at baltimore franciscan center where there is a line at the h1n1 clinic. >> it is rowland johnson's first flu vaccine. >> better safe than sorry. >> h1n1 is on the rebound again. >> this may, indeed, the be the beginning of the third wave. >> never know if you catch it. >> we have been noticing in the last two weeks, anecdotally because they were not cultured. noticing an up tick in reports. >> baltimore city has 10,000 doses of the vaccine to give away. >> it has a reaction, it would be mild. >> wayne, said it is worth it. >> i don't want to be the one that gets caught up, with the h1n1, and pass away. or whatever. because it is a dangerous disease. >> nationwide, the cdc estimates 86,000,000 people were sick due to h1n1. at least 12,000 have died. >> we have surprise here in baltimore city. so it is the perfect time to be protected against both of the types of
right now. the temperatures are a lot warmer, near 70 degrees in southern maryland, compared to the 50's in baltimore. again, there is a tornado warning in st. mary's county this evening. we will keep an eye on it. >> you could also attractrack te storms on-air website, tonight, the prosecutor responsible for sheila dixon's departure from office shares his thoughts on the case, her controversial pension, and the one thing that surprised him. >> of robots is leaving his job in a few months. -- bob roarbagh is leaving his job in a few months. do you have any regrets after the pension?about >> do i have any regrets? i do not like the fact that she left with a pension. >> but the state prosecutor says that the deal that allowed her her pension also guaranteed a sure conclusion to the public. >> on appeal, the kids could have been overturned on some legal issue. shoot -- that case could have been overturned on to illegally ship. she could have been back in office. -- overturned on paid a legal issue. she could have been back in office. >> as you know, as the investigation was gri
for the spring heat and tomorrow they start by honoring a legend. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >>> on 695, we have a car and truck involved in an accident. as we look at the map, you'll see the sear that we're talking about. the details on the situation is a serious accident i told about you earlier. pennington avenue and east ordinance road. a car and tanker truck at the draw bridge of that area. a possible entrapment. police and hazmat are on the scene. this is a serious situation. linda so is on the way here. we'll keep you updated. justin has the latest with weatherp what's going on? >> reporter: it's an yoon eventful morning so temperatures in the mid-50s to near 60. an usually mild start to a day that will be warm and feature the possibility of a southerly. winds relatively light. looks like sprinkles are trying to do the the ground. i do expect a partly cloudy sky this morning and temperatures surge to 81 with a strong breeze this afternoon. the winds get gusty during the late afternoon hours as the cold front approaches. the chances of r
the video of prince georges county police beat beating a university of maryland student convinced her to speak up. >>> i'm scott broom in prince georges county where there is fallout in the wake of the police beating in college park. this time a new family is making claims of police abuse. >> first thing that came to my mind, these guys aren't picking or choosing who they beat. >> reporter: debra brown is the mother of napoleon peterson badly injured by police on new year's eve. the charges against peterson were dropped. >> one isolated incident will not take us back. >> reporter: they say the case is being investigated thoroughly and will be reviewed by an independent civilian review board. >> we see repeated misconduct of the same type. >> reporter: this attorney, who serves on the board of the american civil liberties union says nothing has changed. >> the aclu has seen a steady uptick since 2005 in complaints against prince georges county. >>> i'm surae chinn in bethesda where a middle school is rocked by an alleged sexting scandal. students caught selling, distributing and buying
tonight about the beating of a university of maryland student that's now gaining national attention. a second police officer has been suspended as the investigation continues into the beating which happened as students celebrated in the streets after maryland beat duke last month. we are just back from college college park. >> reporter: there were a lot of students out in the crowds that night last last month. those officers and for that matter the entire police force is under intense scrutiny tonight. >> reporter: the video shows three officers slamming a 21- year-old senior into a brick wall, and then beating him while he was on the ground. the area is a lot more peaceful today, the wall is actually a bus stop on knox road, not far from the route 1 corridor. the video was taken from an apartment build across the street. the senior was in the crowd that night. >> we were up there. right outside the apartment building and just this whole area here was a mass of students. >> reporter: he said the response from the police was to strong even before the beating. >> we anticipated poli
the school board. >>> the binge drinking has gotten a little out of control in a maryland college town. and maryland state police are joining local law enforcement in a springtime crackdown on binge drinking across frostburg. the home to frostburg state university. police are collecting information on house parties held by unrecognized fraternities that are a little more than just drinking clubs. it's part of the frostburg state's nationally recognized effort to change its party school image. >>> a lack of recognition by an anne arundel county man prompted him to fire on a sheriff's deputy parked outside his home sunday and tonight that man is behind bars. law enforcement was working surveillance in an unmarked vehicle. planned on serving a warrant on lauren divine for robbery and assault. his father saw it and fired a handgun in his direction. >> apparently he thought some acquaintances of his daughter were going to come there and try to injury him or his family. so instead of taking the right steps and calling 911 he decided to take the law in his own hands. >> divine is being held i
. the showdown on the streets. the battle between the cyclists and the drivers are coming to ahead in maryland. >>> but first, the block party breakdown at the president responding to this week's campus chaos. >>> they also took part in the replaying this afternoon. ordering all flags in the state at half mass today. the flag outside the department of the labor was also lowered. >>> the push is onto move the survivors from january's earthquake in haiti to the higher ground. that's because of the start of the rainy season that is already bringing the heavy downpour in port-au-prince. more than a million people were left homeless after the january 12 earthquakes in the haitian capitol. the government now, they are worried about the mud slides and the slides over the coming weeks. the the president is calling this an embarrassment to the school. they had to use the tear gas and the pepper spray to block up the party of more than 8,000 people over 30 people arrested after the several flights broke out. the e-mail for the criticizes of the behavior, the university plans to speak to the students, th
wet. maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting the fact we still have light rain and sprinkles. you can almost see the trajectory of the winds. still wet weather east of annapolis towards kent island, otherwise spray from the cars in front of you, drizzle, 50s to 60 this afternoon. a few breaks of sun passing the clouds. >>> 6:30. here's kim brown with traffic. >> we have several incidents. a couple of crashes have some intersections closed. you can see volume picking up on the west side, that's the outer loop heading to i-70. you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes. no problems on 70 past greenspring heading to the 83s. not too bad on 95 southbound, no problems to report between mountain road all the way towards the beltway. here at whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway, four minutes. 83 southbound not looking too bad from shawan to 695. it will take you six minutes. 795, volume picking up between owings mills boulevard and the beltway, five minutes so far. a few incidents, one in woodlawn, gwynn oak avenue at park road closed at this time due to an inj
it is not something off the table. roosevelt leftwich abc 2 news. >>> latest on a maryland woman ordered by a cult leader to starve her son. she'll spend five years on probation and time in a resident, treatment facility. a judge sentenced her today. she pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in the death of her 1-year-old son. the plea agreement said if her son the resurrected the plea will be with drawn. >>> in ann arundel county a devastating turn of events for a family of a 15-year-old swept away in the river. the boy jumped in the river and tried to swim across but the current was too strong. two friends tried their best to save him but couldn't reach him. the currents nearly took them under. there was no signs of foul play or evidence of trauma to the victim. >>> university of maryland handed over 87 minutes of missing security footage from the night one student was beaten by prince george's county police. tonight we have a statement from the school. >>> police are beefing up patrols tonight around york road near the tonight university campus. they are investigating a home invasion at an
. >> a ferocious storm hit us last night. look at the water out there. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it was hard to sleep through that. >> and we're all exhausted. did i just snore? >> you did. you didn't tell me you had a wild weekend. >> next time i snore nudge me. >>> 5:31. the clock may be flashing. we've had flickers with the power. severe storms, 35 reports of hail in maryland, virginia and west virginia on sunday. more rain today. more storms possible. right now the satellite and radar composite, wait until you see the yellow and orange of heavy rain now leaving frederick county on top of mount airy. we take you to western howard county near lisbon, going through western howard county. if you're watching us in he eldersburg, westminster, taneytown and manchester you have pretty heavy rain. 83 stretch also going to be slow with the rain there. we're in the low 50s. we'll get to 66 with isolated thunderstorms erupting again this afternoon. we are at 5:32 on the clock. let's see what this is doing to the commute. >> speaking of 83, a lot of people are keep
a $2 phone card, now is at-risk of being deported. >> the state of maryland is not arizona. we will not stand for this kind of agreements in our neighbor. >> residents say there is an understanding that exchange for cooperation, local police will not enforce federal immigration rules in the hispanic community. but police say this time they had no choice. woman arrested during a crackdown after a spree of crime connected to the gang ms-13. >> so what happened to her is that she was picked up for selling $2 phone card to somebody that she thought she knew in a bad economy. because of that crime, she is now under risk of having her family destroyed. >> the woman's visa expired six years ago but she has three children, all are u.s. citizens so she will probably get to stay. once everything gets sorted out. >> school officials respond to the story you saw first on fox. reports of bullying at a west baltimore elementary school. so far this year, there have been 18 suspensions at gilmore. parents are outraged by all the violence in the classrooms. >> it is quite obvious the principal,
, april 1st marks mail in your census form day. for the marylanders who don't, a census worker may come to your door to have you fill it out in person. on the line, $400 billion in funding for hospitals, schools, senior centers, public works projects, emergency services, even a number of people representing maryland in the u.s. house. >> that's a lot of money in federal funds that the city is due, as long as we mail those forms back. >> reporter: only 45% of baltimore city residents have returned the form, not great officials say, but better than the dismal response in 2000, when baltimore ranked second to last among cities its size. >> if we are not counted it's our money that we are letting someone else have. >> reporter: ravens quarterback dominick foxworth joined a congressman in randallstown helping seniors complete forms. it takes just ten minutes to do. >> i've heard about it on tv and things like that, so i knew it was important, so rather than wait and do it and then forget about it, i just saw it, filled it out, ten minutes and then sent it on. >> reporter: now, the census bur
, word of a local death from h1n1. the centers for disease control says this is maryland's 45th death from the virus. authorities want this latest h1n1 death to serve as a reminder for all marylanders to get vaccinated. about 153 vaccinations will be offered between april 5th and april 11th. you can find more information about these clinics by going to and clicking on health. >>> a major development tonight in the push to keep slots from the anne arundel mall. they have certified a petition drive that allows the issue to go on the november ballot. they certified more than 22,000 signatures. they threw out 17,000 other signatures. a lawsuit filed by the cordish company claims the board overlooked fraud in that petition drive. but until that lawsuit is wrapped up, the proposal will not be put on the ballot. >>> two teenagers are in custody tonight, after police say they tied up a mall security guard and robbed him. now, police say it was a targeted attack. sean thompson and eric chung, both 18 years old, were arrested yesterday. police say they entered and tied up a guard there
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